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from the Mundo family  

The Mundo Family   

In recent years friends have often shared photos, or included letters in their Christmas cards telling about happenings in their life during the previous year.  So we thought it appropriate to begin a new tradition, the online Holiday Greeting via the Internet. 

We commissioned our daughter Megan to create the original work of art displayed above using mixed media on genuine bond.  It has been titled "Rodman."  She updated the traditional three ball Snowman, into a somewhat pleasing, tall, "worm like" figure.  She is a very prolific artist and uses minimal brush strokes in her creations, enabling her to produce numerous works in just one day!  Her works are currently on display at the Frigidaire gallery.

At the bottom of this page there are links to our Photo Gallery.  These pages are somewhat slow in loading since they have several photos on each page.  Hopefully they will be worth the wait and will help convey what is going on with us.

Best wishes for a joyous Holiday Season, and a prosperous new year!


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