Season's Greetings

The Mundo Family Online Christmas Greeting

Welcome to our online greeting, a tradition begun last year by sharing photos and tidbits of info with friends and family on what went on with us during the year.  You may click on the thumbnail photos to see them in greater detail.  One out-of-the-ordinary event this year was Hurricane Irene's visit which dumped over 18 inches of rain on us in a 24hr period. 

Irene turned our neighborhood roads into canals. Our neighbors were seen tubing down the road, and everyone had unwanted waterfront property, but fortunately no real damage was done.  We are thankful to have survived Irene and the fact we all have enjoyed a healthy, and prosperous 1999.  
Megan thrives at pre-kindergarten 
Megan attends pre-kindergarten classes at the Motorola daycare center.  She and her Mom leave for work early every morning.  Megan LOVES going to school.  She has begun to read, and has learned a tremendous amount of things from the numerous activities provided at the daycare center.  Her attendance at the on-site daycare has been a very rewarding experience for her.


Little Vinnie discovered how the mouse works
Little Vinnie stays home with Dad during the day and turned 2 this past August.  At about the same time he discovered how to fully control the mouse on the computer.  Well things have not been the same since!  He has turned into quite the computer nerd spending hours playing on the computer every day.  He has learned all the letters in the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.  He has even has figured out that when all else fails, the only fix for some computer problems is a reboot.


Lisa Marie Mundo - Class of 2000

Lisa will be one of the first high school graduates of the new Millennium.  She has done very well in high school and is looking forward to attending college next year but is unsure exactly of where that will be.  We created the collage to the left from some favorite photos for the senior ads that will be published in her high school yearbook at Avon Park High.  You'll never guess who came up with the touching "sentimental" caption. 

Lisa enjoys coming to visit her little brother and sister every chance she gets when school is out for major holidays.  Both Little Vinnie and Megan anticipate her arrival and are always sad when she has to leave to go home.

10 years of Bliss
Margaret and Vince quietly celebrated their 10th wedding Anniversary in April.  It's hard to believe that the years have flown by so quickly.  Margaret continues to work at Motorola, and her world revolves around the kids of which she is rightfully proud.  Her idea of a really good time is watching a Blues Clues marathon on Nick Junior, or a weekend getaway to Walt Disney World.

Pondering the new Millennium

The BIG 50 arrived right on schedule in November.  Happy to report all original equipment is accounted for, except the tonneau cover, and everything is in relatively good working order.  I briefly worked as an extra on the set of Any Given Sunday which is now playing in theaters.  My "retirement" was short lived, I worked for AutoNation at their computer Helpdesk most of the year but was "downsized" in early December.  Still enjoying staying home with Little Vinnie during the day, daytrading, creating websites, and officiating football.  



Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday season, and a Terrific 2000!


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