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    Graduation(s) 2000

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    The two Mundo Girls both graduated this year!  Megan's class of seven graduated from the Motorola daycare preschool, and she began public school kindergarten.


  Vince     Lisa graduated 18th in her class at Avon Park High, won a Bright Horizons scholarship, and is now attending South Florida Community College.  Lisa also graduated to her first ever job.  She is a part-time cashier at Walmart.  She has been very busy juggling her work schedule and attending college.

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"Pickup Man"


Little Vinnie Turns 3 !  ("terrible twos" remain)

(11MB - 1:19)

    Little Vinnie had his third birthday but we are still anxiously waiting for him to out grow the terrible twos.  Restaurants, long car trips, haircuts, and   

Not Recommended unless you have FAST Internet access.
Download file completely  before starting playback.

      events requiring sitting still, or wearing shoes are not likely to end with good results for anyone concerned.  But on the   
    other hand, he more than knows his way around a computer.  He is happy, healthy, knows his numbers, letters, colors, and has a large vocabulary.  
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      Vince and Margaret
      Margaret continues to work at Motorola.  Vince stays home with Little Vinnie and is Mr. Mom.  Vince turns into the "Pied Piper" every afternoon when he walks to the nearby elementary school pulling Little Vinnie in a wagon and returns with Megan and two other neighborhood kindergarten kids in tow.



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    Road Trip to Cincinnati

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    This summer we went on our first extended family "Road Trip" adventure by driving to Ohio to attend Aunt Betty and Uncle Dick Heideman's 50th wedding anniversary.  We visited with grandma and took this terrific picture of four generations all in one photo!