Season's Greetings
 from the  Mundo Family  2003

In 1995 before Vincent was born we bought a custom made Christmas ornament at a craft show.  It depicted the Mundo family at the time, Vince, Margaret, Lisa and Megan.  This year Little Vincent emphatically let us know that he was not represented on the family ornament.  So we corrected the problem with the new ornament shown to the left which now hangs proudly on our Christmas tree.

We wish all our friends, family, and neighbors a terrific Holiday Season  and a healthy and Happy New Year.  As has become our tradition we collected pictures taken during the year that depict what has been going on with us.  Click the ornament snowmen to see this year's pictures.
Margaret Vince Vinnie Megan  Lisa <=====  Click on the Snowmen to view pictures

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