In the bread line at the FDR Memorial

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Honor Society



Aaarrrgh ... Awards

Lucy and Ethel Do Dress Up

This year ...
Megan officially became a teenager, she is Ipod equipped, with braces, and spends endless hours talking gibberish on the phone with friends.  She watches Hanna Montana reruns so often she can recite the dialogue by memory, and appears to be obsessed with any article of clothing bearing the word Hollister, and with teen idol dujour Nick Jonas.

Somehow she also found time to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Straight A Cabaret, and the yearbook staff at her middle school.  But her very short career as a clarinet player in the school band thankfully ended.

A lot of friends also turned 13 this year so Megan had the opportunity to attend several Bar & Bat Mitzvahs one produced this video.