Rollin Down The River



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Dog Attack
  Should we ... Enjoyed Taking The Auto Train To Virginia  
This year ...
It was determined that Vince didn't really need his prostrate.  So after after carefully considering all the options he elected to have it removed with the use of a robot, a few holes here and there, and it was gone.

After double bypass in 2003 and the prostatectomy this year it seems he is on track to earn platinum status at the hospital.  Thankfully he is doing fine and is still as pictured "rollin down the river."  But, on deck, is cataract surgery, not sure the golden years are all they are cracked up to be.

Vacation this year was an Auto Train trip to Virginia, then on to Washington DC, and Ohio, meandering back home from there.  We enjoyed our rafting trip in North Carolina so much last year that we went back and did it again.  This time we missed most of the river rocks. a few more times and we will have it down pat.