Back of the bus

Van Adoption Chris Pals Anxiety

This year ...
Looking through this year's pictures it was hard to find any of Chris, Blake and Lisa.
It just seems we didn't take very many. 

For the last 20 or so years Vince has driven a maroon Astro van, it had become
part of his persona. 

The Astro generated numerous fond memories, and provided transportation on many family journeys.  He bought the first one new in 1986, and then another new one in 1998. 

He probably would have bought yet another one but they quit making them.  So when we got a new car this year we gave it to Lisa and kept the Astro in the family.

Lisa, Chris and Blake adopted it and they are all alive and well living in Sebring.  They promised to let dear old Dad drive it a bit when he is in town.