Will officiate for corn!



Another year, another rafting picture

This year ...
Vince and his crew got to officiate several high school playoff games including one in Florida's farm belt at Belle Glade, where part of the hospitality is to give the visiting officials some fresh locally grown corn.

This year's family vacation road trip had a destination of New York City. 

With planned adventures along the way, Carowinds amusement park in South Carolina, and Hershey World in Pennsylvania.

Along with visits to the Budweiser brewery in Jacksonville, Florida some  Smithsonian Museums, Ford's Theater, the National Zoo and watching the newly designed $100 bills being printed at the Bureau of Engraving in Washington DC.


Carowinds Video

What goes around ...


Two thumbs down to the "Comedy Central" HQ

Making friends at the Lingerie Bowl

Leigh Reeves takes the Bull by the ...

Rosewood Court reunion on Fredonia Mountain in Tennessee