Proud of our Senior Prom bound daughter

This year ...

The time finally came ... for Megan to go off to college, and Margaret was hoping that Megan would stay close to home, since we live just 5 minutes from a campus that is home to three universities.

But Megan had her heart set on a true away from home college experience at the University of Florida.

So after doing her due diligence, including 3 trips to the UF campus to scope everything out, and buying & packing everything a college student could possibly need, in August it was time for Margaret to deliver Megan to the UF campus.

We were fortunate to meet her new roommate, and even got know her parents,
when we dropped her off.

Overall Margaret handled it well, with a minimum of tears, because we were comfortable that Megan was in a safe place, and surrounded with a good roommate and close friends from home nearby.

Margaret discovered SKYPE which has bridged the distance during Megan's first semester, they video visit regularly for hours at a time.

Margaret's BIG 50 arrived right on schedule

Bonding with Megan's UF roommate and family

Thanksgiving Day 2013