It's GREAT to be a Florida Gator

Gainesville here we come ...
Home away from home
This year ...
After being accepted to all 6 universities to which she applied and earning over 100K in scholarships that included a full ride, with tuition, and room & board, to FAU's Honors College.  Megan instead chose to fulfill her dream to attend the University of Florida that offered her, ZERO financial assistance.

It was a good choice!  She is enjoying college life,
and the new found independence of being away from home.  She has started swing dancing, discovered Elvis, and has excelled academically.

But choosing Florida brought into focus the economic realities of her choice.  So this past summer she worked her first job as a cashier at Sweet Tomatoes.  All in all it was an excellent first job experience, dealing with people, and handling money.  It boosted her confidence, along with providing her with some college spending money.

My first job

1st day at UF-paint fight

Finally after 12 years, a piece of paper ...

Getting the Chomp down

Living the dream in the Swamp  College Scholarship Essay
All in all it was a Sparkling Year !