Megan feeling homesick at college? ............ Nah

Christmas presents that took a lifetime to make ...
The Magnificent Seven return from their 1st year of college
This year ...
Megan is fully enjoying college life at the University of Florida, from the football games in the Swamp, to traveling to rock concerts in Orlando, and involvement in campus organizations. 

She is very fortunate to have a close knit circle of friends on campus that support each other.

Academically she is doing great!  She worked an internship at a public relations firm in Boca this past summer, along with returning for her second year as cashier at Sweet Tomatoes.

All in all a terrific year!

Zach Braff

I am Groot

Looking Professional

Gator Breakfast

Roomies still working on the Chomp

We noticed a distinct pattern in the pictures Megan has been taking at UF see if you can you pick it out
College Academy girls do the beach Another selfie

Eye of the Tiger

Collection vessels for all those 2014 memories