AVON PARK — Lisa Turner’s dedication to Avon Park’s Dixie Youth Baseball program is an inspiration. Not only is she the secretary of the board, going on three years of continuous service, she’s pitched in wherever she’s needed (except from the mound).

And to honor her dedication, the News-Sun is proud to name her the Unsung Hero for August.

In fact, Krista Ford, who has dedicated herself to the program as well, put it this way, “The league would not be an organization if it weren’t for her.”

Turner’s husband, Todd Turner, while admittedly biased and very proud, was clearly sincere when he echoed Ford, saying of his wife, “She’s the glue that holds things together. She works a lot of late nights and knows what’s going on.”

Todd was recognized for saving the life of a heart attack victim

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It was a successful year for Todd and Lisa they were both recognized in their community.

Todd performed CPR on heart attack victim and was credited with saving his life.

Lisa was commended in an  article in the local news for her volunteer work for the Avon Park Youth Baseball League.

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