Photo OP at a Real Pumpkin Farm

"Home Cooked" Friendsgiving Dinner before coming home for Thanksgiving
Being away at college is Soo stressful and lonely
Finally got to eat in the bus at Satchel's
This year ...
Lots of growth, several big changes and adventures took place this year including turning 21!   

Megan grew and flourished at UF.  She moved out of the dorms to an off campus apartment with two great roommates, and she had a car for the first time up in Gainesville.

Megan made the most of  several opportunities that were afforded this year.  During the summer she worked a full-time paid internship in advertising at BrandStar.  

But the highlight was being selected by Google to attend their AD Camp seminar.  The all expense paid trip to their Ann Arbor, Michigan campus was her first plane trip on her own. 

She was also selected to work at "The Agency" a student run advertising agency on the UF campus that does work for actual clients and went on a road trip with fellow students to visit AD agencies in Atlanta.

Megan is doing great academically and draws strength and support from a great group of friends

All in all a terrific year!

Google AD Camp

Looking To The Future

Road Trip to Atlanta

Grew it myself

Doin Disney with the Gang

Finally Legal

UF has a state of the art Advertising Agency run by students
Rootin for the Gators in the Swamp!
Brooke, Alieen and Megan, roommates and occupants of "The Foxhole"