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Three years in, and still friends and college roomies
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Back for senior year with the Posse in Gainesville
Luxurious Brooklyn Heights summer accommodations
This year ...
Megan applied to be a  MAIP Fellow. 

MAIP - The Multicultural Advertising Intern Program  afforded her  the opportunity to live and work in New York City for three months this summer.  MAIP is industry sponsored and subsidizes housing, travel costs and provides a paid internship experience.

She was selected to work at Carrot Creative a full service advertising agency located in Brooklyn.  It gave her insight into real world Ad campaigns for Chipotle, and Dove Men + Care.  This was invaluable experience, that enhanced her resume and portfolio, and provided some valuable contacts.  

Understandably she was MESMERIZED by the city, the food, and the energy.  NYC is the recognized heart of the advertising industry, so she now has dreams of getting a job there after graduation. 

With Megan in NYC all summer, choosing our family vacation destination was pretty easy.  So we flew to NYC and took in the sites and visited her for a for a week in July.  

Megan is on track to graduate this May with two separate degrees, one in Advertising, and a second in Business Management.

Carrot Creative

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MAIP Application 2016
MAIP Application 2017

Hangin with Ross at the beach

Hangin with Ross at the bar

A toast to an engagement
Evidently music is still a thing ... has anybody ever heard of Derek Sanders or Sia?
Neither RAIN nor SNOW nor SLEET could keep Megan from rooting for the Gators